Meet the Crew

So who are these people? Here’s the crew (and important passengers) of the Grayswandir.

To be fair, these aren’t exactly as rolled. I used the MegaTraveller character generation rules for the most part, but I ignored reenlistment and survival. (The characters had to survive to be in the campaign, after all.) I also did a bit of swapping on skill rolls, as in “for story purposes they need this skill, not that skill”. But they are all legitimate characters.

And technically Derek shouldn’t have been able to get the Grayswandir as a mustering-out benefit because he didn’t quite have the rank. But without a ship there is no campaign. So I did like a good Referee and fudged it. He has the ship but I added 20% to its value before calculating monthly payments to compensate for the 20% down-payment he didn’t have.

But here they are, the crew of the Grayswandir.

Derek Kodai – Captain
693989 – Merchant/Free Trader – 7 Terms – Age 46
Admin-1; Broker-5, Engineering-1, Forgery-1, Gunner-1, Legal-2, Pilot-1, Steward-3, Streetwise-1, Navigation-4, Trader-1, Vacc Suit-1

Snub Pistol, SMG, Vacc Suit


Saahna Denan – Security/Gunner
9876A6 – Marines: 03-Lt. Colonel – 4 Terms – Age 36
ATV-1, Blade-2, Brawling-2, Combat Rifleman-3, Electronics-1, Gunnery-2, Handgun-1, Vacc Suit-1

Gauss Pistol, ACR, Vacc Suit, Combat Environment Suit


Varan Hort – Steward
557787 – Merchant/Free Trader – 1 Term – Age 24
Admin-1, Electronics-1, Mechanical-1, Steward-2

Vacc Suit


Kapan Do’rex – Pilot
777B98 – Scout – 3 Terms – Age 32
Brawling-1, Communications-1, Electronics-1, Grav Vehicles-1, Medic-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-3, Vacc Suit-2

Blade, Body Pistol, Vacc Suit


Jami Wistina – Engineer
8C7844 – Pirate/Smuggler – 2 Terms – Age 26
Brawling-1, Engineering-3, Handgun-1, Pilot-1, Prospecting-1, Vacc Suit-1

Vacc Suit

1 Share

Dr. Milansa Korvusar – Medic – Long-Term Passenger
557A8C – Imperial Navy – 7 Terms – Age 46
Communications-2, Computer-2, Interrogation-2, Hand Combat-1, Handgun-1, Leader-1, Liaison-1, Medic-4, Navigation-1, Pilot-2, Sensors-1, Vacc Suit-2

Gauss Pistol, Medical Kit, Combat Environment Suit, Member – Traveller’s Aid Society

She’s paying to be here. At first anyway.