041-1117 – Jumpspace

In an attempt to bridge the rift he has formed with his crew, and his friends, Derek reveals all that has been going on; then discovers that he isn't the only one who had been keeping things to himself. Secrets are shared, conspiracies are revealed, and the situation on the Grayswandir explodes in gunfire in this, the longest log entry to date.

040-1117 – Jumpspace

Shelly seems overly-attracted to Derek, which does nothing to improve things between him and Saahna. Shelly and the Gortors get a tour of the ship, and the Gortors' daughter displays a knack for being places she shouldn't be.

039-1117 – Jumpspace

The Grayswandir has only just hit vacuum and already tensions are high. Besides the tensions between Derek and the crew, demanding nobles, incognito politicians, and an overly-cheerful netcaster promise an... interesting week in Jumpspace.