044-1117 – Jumpspace


Today has been pretty quiet, which after the last few days is a quite welcome change. Minister Trakon’s contract is solid; we get 30% of our financing paid for in exchange for carrying the occasional “special cargo or passengers” for them, which will never exceed 30% of our cargo space or life support limit. So, that’s a win.

I did talk briefly to the crew. Everyone seems to have accepted where we are now. There seems to be some lingering “how did we get into this” from them –Varan seems the most upset– but it looks like we’re more-or-less back to the way things were.

I hope. And really, the “way-things-were” need to change. I’ll have to work on that.

Still, everything is finally looking up. I spoke with Minister Trakon and Dr. Korvusar as well and they seem to approve of how things have worked out. I wonder if that should concern me.

As for Dame Gorter, Dr. Korvusar has her full of medical slow. She’ll be unconscious for the rest of the trip and she’ll be out a day or so after we land, so we’ll get to tell our version of events before she does.

I’m sure that was an unintended side effect on Dr. Korvusar’s part. I’m sure.

Still, things are looking good.

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