037-1117 – Boilingbrook – Adar/Hinterworlds

Boilingbrook – Adar/Hinterworlds 0801 A9C9751-D 700 Na G0 II

We’ve got a full passenger load and I’ve picked up enough Freight to finish filling up the cargo bay. So we’re good to go.

After breakfast I wandered over to the Starport to see how the Grayswandir was doing. Maintenance seemed to have been completed and a few stacks of cargo were sitting in the pad with us. I opened the bay and had the cargobots carry what was there inside. I trusted the computer to handle the load balancing. Saahna probably wouldn’t like it but she wasn’t here.

Once that was taken care of I looked through the ship. Everything seemed to be fine but, struck by an idea, I started looking around more carefully.

In both the crew lounge and the passenger lounge I found a disc identical to the one I had placed in the Uptown Downport. I frowned. How many more of them were there on the ship?

I pinged the ship’s computer. “Hey, Gray?”

“Yes?” Her precisely modulated voice came on. “How can I help you, Captain Kodai?”

“Did you see who placed these things here?”

“What ‘things’ are you referring to, Captain?”

I sighed. “There is a device under the table here and another behind the lounge in the passenger cabin. Did you see who put them there?”

“No, Captain. I did not. And my internal log files do not show anything.” There was a pause. “Both devices are emitting a radio signal.”

“Are there any others?”

Another pause. “Yes. One on the bridge and one in engineering.”

I cursed under my breath. “Thanks Gray.” I pulled the disc free from beneath the table in the crew lounge, it was surprisingly harder to do than I expected, then went to the passenger lounge and removed the one I had found there. Next was engineering and the bridge, where I looked and eventually found those discs. I collected all four of them.

“Gray?” I asked again.

“Yes, Captain?”

“Start keeping our internal logs for a few weeks. Say four. And notify me at once if you detect any kind of internal broadcast that isn’t coming from one of the crew or a passenger.”

“Of course, Captain.”

“Thanks Gray.”

I made a final walk-around of the ship then left. Outside the pad I saw a starport cargobot and stuck the discs I had removed from the ship on one of its arms. The cargobot squawked in indignation but I ignored it and headed towards one of the bars circling the Starport.

The place I wound up in was called the Singularity. It was a bit of a dive, even by Starport standards, but I figured that might actually make it a better place to stay for a while. I sat down at the bar and, when they didn’t have an Imperial Boil, just ordered a Galactose Intolerance. Every place has that.

I pulled up my comp and idly flicked through it for a bit. Whoever had placed those monitors on the Grayswandir would of course know I had found and removed them. I’d have to sweep the ship again after we cleared atmosphere but before we hit Jumpspace. I’d just toss them out then.

I shrugged and pinged the crew, telling them to meet me at the Singularity tomorrow for the pre-Jump meetup. It was as good of a place as any and no one could complain about me dragging them across town again.

I stayed there probably longer than I should. And probably had a few more Inflorescence than I should. I wondered again if Captain Anna had ever had to deal with things like this. Eventually I wandered back to the room and recorded this. Time for sleep.

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