027-1117 – Jumpspace


And so far so good.

I checked in on the passengers this morning but all of them seemed to be happy. Gherome, Atana and their family were staying together, Amada was spending all her time with Jami, who didn’t have much to do while we were in Jump, and Dr. Korvusar just came down to the crew lounge to read. I tried striking up a conversation on what she was reading but she didn’t seem interested in talking. I finally just left her alone.

Saahna, Varan and I played Inquisitioner for a while and Jami and Amada joined for part of the session, but you can only spend so much time in VR every day. I eventually wound up just catching up on a few more net dramas. Varan went back up to the passenger deck and Saahna was working on some new exercise routine down in the cargo bay.

So a quiet day. Hope this keeps up.

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