021-1117 – Fugitak – Adar/Hinterworlds

Fugitak – Adar/Hinterworlds 0602 C5A027A-5 Lo Ni De A 125 Na F2V M3D

I had scheduled passenger interviews this morning and cargo negotiations in the afternoon. It was annoying having to work around the common room schedule but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I had already been notified of a number of additional fines we had racked up; everything from tampering with the local network to failure to interact with local commerce to setting off an explosive device within an inhabited area. I have no idea what that was and no one would tell me.

I had someone show up almost immediately. A couple with two young children and her looking as if she was close to the third. The adults sat down while the two kids wandered over to the dispensers.

“You’re going to Boilingbrook?” the man asked?

I nodded. “We’re currently scheduled to leave in 4 days on 025. You looking for one cabin or two?”

“One big enough for all of us, if we can.”

I nodded again. “Sure. We can reconfigure however you need. Any other special needs?”

He looked at his partner. “Um… do you have a doctor on board?”

I started to mention Percy then thought about Dr. Korvusar. “Yes, we have a Doctor with us.” I decided not to mention that she was a passenger, not part of the crew.

He nodded and sighed. “Good.” He looked over at his partner again. “I want us to be out of here before…” He trailed off.

“If there isn’t anything else, I don’t see any problems, Mr….”

The woman spoke up. “I’m Atana, Atana Kapar,” she said. “This is Gherome. And those are Jeorge and Kyla. We’re… we’ve been here for a while.”

Gherome had been digging in a bag he had been carrying with him. He started pulling out Credits. Actual printed Credits. Bundles of them.

He started stacking the bundles on the table. “We’ve been here for seven years,” he said, not looking at me but at the stacks he was making. “I thought this was our chance. I thought we could make something. On the frontier. You know?”

He looked at me and I could see emotion in his expression. “I can’t raise a family here. Not anymore. I’m a tech, a good one. I’m sure they need someone like me there.”

I held out my hands in uncertainty. “I don’t know anything about the economy there but they seem to be doing pretty well.”

He sighed and leaned forward. “Thank you.” He gestured to the stacks of credits on the table. “32 k-creds, right? Medium passage for 4 people?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that’s the Imperial fixed rate. No problem.”

He sighed. “We just need to get out before…” he looked over at Atana again, “you know…”

I nodded again. “Yeah, I get it.”

Atana shook her head. “We’ve been trying to leave for years. We almost had saved enough to leave, then Jeorge was born. Then Kyla. If we have to wait longer because…” She placed a hand on her stomach and trailed off.

“Well then, I’m glad we came through when we did,” I said. I picked up the Credits and put them in my pack without counting. From the very brief time I had spoken to them I was already sure it was correct.

“Thank you,” said Gherome. “We’re staying at Alek’s. Let us know when we can board?”

I nodded. “We’re there too. And it will be on 025, probably around 1000. Gotta get the ship ready to head out again. That OK?”

He nodded “Yes. Thank you Captain…”

I stood up and held out my hand. “Kodai. Captain Kodai, but you can call me Derek.”

“Thank you, Derek,” he said again. “Thank you.”

He turned and left, heading towards where Jeorge and Kyla were sitting with plates full of cookies and ice cream. Sometimes I wish I could have lunch that way.

“Thank you,” said Atana. She stood up and glanced over her shoulder, then turned back to me. “Gherome thought… he thought we could make a life here. We couldn’t. But every time he had saved up enough to get away we had another child.”

She quickly continued. “He doesn’t blame them. He loves both of them. He… he blames me. He gets… angry. If you hadn’t come through…” she paused. “I don’t know if he could have waited long enough to raise another passage.”

I frowned. “Is he… Are you likely to have a problem with him? Are we?”

She frantically waved her hands at me. “No! No no! Everything is fine. I just… I’m just very happy that you are getting us out of here Captain. Derek.” She smiled weakly. “Once we get somewhere where we can actually breathe the air, I think we’ll be fine.”

Part of me was wanting to know more but another part told me to keep my distance. They were just passengers, after all. “I’m sure things will be better on Boilingbrook.”

She smiled faintly. “I am too, Captain. Derek. Thank you for taking us.” She shook my hand and headed off to join Gherome and her children.

I sat back down, thinking. They had taken four of our life-support slots. Dr. Korvusar had another. So that should have left us with only one Passenger slot. But we only have five crew with life support for six, so technically we could carry two more. As long as they were willing to share a cabin.

It turned out to be academic, since no more potential passengers showed up before I had to clear for “lunch”. I signed up for the same slot the next day.

Sign-up, by the way, is done on an actual piece of paper attached to a porous board attached to the wall. Weird, but that’s how they do things here.

The afternoon was cargoes. I picked up a couple of general cargoes, which at least pay the bills, but there weren’t a lot of spec cargo available. Not unexpected, with a population this small.

A few people showed up with some “art” objects they were trying to sell. I don’t know enough about art to make a good judgment on them but none of them looked like anything I would expect to make a profit on. Especially since most of the “artists” (and I use that term loosely) seemed to have a greater opinion of their talent than I did. I did manage to put together a minor lot but I didn’t have much hope.

I ate dinner early and headed back to my room before any of the rest of the crew showed up. Varan and Saahna had come through long enough to wave in greeting, but that was it. I hadn’t seen Jami in a few days.

And I hadn’t seen Do’rex since we landed. I frowned and pinged his comm channel. He responded almost immediately.

“Yes, Captain?”

“Just checking in; hadn’t seen you since we landed and wanted to make sure you were OK.”

There was a pause. “Are you monitoring our on-planet time now, Captain?”

I was a bit taken aback. “No! No. It’s just that, with Fugitak being such a small planet…”

“I’m fine, Captain. I thank you for your concern. But I am fine. I will see you back on the ship when we depart.” He clicked off.

I shrugged. A crew’s time while down is their own. I wasn’t trying to keep tabs on him; just wanting to make sure he was OK since the planet was so small and I hadn’t seen him. Oh well, he would get over it.

I decided I had spent enough time in the common room today and so went back to my room. As soon as I finish with this I’ll log off and watch a drama for a bit. Captain Kodai out.

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