008-1117 – Venad – Adar/Hinterworlds

Venad – Adar/Hinterworlds 0402 A221621-B Ni Po Na 324 Im M0V M6D

Well, today started off rather awkwardly. Halley wanted me to stay with her. She actually wanted me to take her, Nicana, and Orean on the Grayswandir and fly them around for a while. When I explained that I couldn’t, that I actually needed to make enough credits to pay for the lease on the ship she got angry. She accused me of lying to her.

I offered to take her back to the starport but she insisted on finding an aircab on her own. I was a bit unhappy about it, but wished her well and saw her to the entrance.

She didn’t look back.

I spent the rest of the day at a bit of a loss. It really wasn’t like me to hook up with someone like Halley; I think it was just a reaction to realizing that my relationship with Saahna, and the rest of the crew, had changed. I guess I just needed to have something ultimately meaningless before having to be responsible for an entire starship and its crew.

I went back up to my room for a while then got irritated at myself and went back out. I wound up at the Misjump again, but this time I just sat at the bar all night.

Back at the room now and kinda depressed at being alone. Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t have expected a meteor to strike twice at the same place.

Captain Kodai, out for the day.

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