007-1117 – Venad – Adar/Hinterworlds

Venad – Adar/Hinterworlds 0402 A221621-B Ni Po Na 324 Im M0V M6D

OK, I guess it’s still 007. Barely.

I came back to the hotel with Halley again last night. We won’t be together after tonight; her flight out is tomorrow and the Grayswandir leaves maintenance tomorrow too, so this is the last night we’ll have together.

We talked about it a bit. She was kinda upset. Well, as upset as you can be over someone you’ve known a couple of days. I’m used to it; when you’re a Traveller you get used to being a ship that passes in the night, but this was apparently something new for her and she was handling it less well than I would have liked.

I tried to explain to her the reality of interstellar travel. Everything is as far away as the speed of the fastest ship. Weeks or months separate every world from the next. But she had never been off-world before. And the realization that, even with the shortest jumps possible, we would be weeks apart had apparently never occurred to her.

Once that sank in she… well… she wanted us to get as much time together as we could in a few hours. She isn’t happy, and I’m sure our goodbye tomorrow will be awkward but… we gave each other a lot of attention tonight. She’s asleep now, and I’m recording this from the fresher. I’m sure we’ll have some time together tomorrow. After that… who knows?

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