006-1117 – Venad – Adar/Hinterworlds

Venad – Adar/Hinterworlds 0402 A221621-B Ni Po Na 324 Im M0V M6D

Late entry today because… I’ve kinda been doing other things.

Halley didn’t leave until early afternoon. We stayed in my room until late, then we went out to lunch. We wound up at a place called the “Overview”; a touristy-type place at the top of a kilometer tower at the edge of the city. The view of the city, ocean, mountains, and starport were admittedly good, but the food wasn’t much better than what the Grayswandir‘s fabricators could have produced and the prices were certainly as high as the tower.

Mara and Velena met us there. Mara had a local with her, someone named Faraz who was apparently a local net celebrity of some kind. I remembered seeing him briefly the night before.

I spent some time talking to them about my time on the Grayswandir. Faraz had never been off-world before and the others had not until this trip, so anything from elsewhere in the Imperium was exciting to them. I had spent so much time in the Jumplanes that I had never thought about how few people actually got out and Travelled. It was an odd realization.

Eventually I begged work and we separated. I agreed to meet Halley at the Misjump again that evening and said my goodbyes to the others. Then I headed back to the starport.

It looked like we already had a couple of passengers wanting to head to Fugitak for some reason. A group of three, all being paid for by Oligack Pharmaceuticals. I wondered what they were up to. And what looked like a couple, initially upset that we didn’t have a low berth but who had settled for middle passage after talking to my avatar. With Dr. Korvusar that gave us a full compliment. Technically we could have carried more; with six passenger cabins we could theoretically have carried 12 people, but the life support would have complained. We’d just reconfigure so that they would have double or triple-sized cabins depending on how many people were involved.

I also grabbed a couple of lots of entertainment cartridges and foodstuffs and one of pharmaceuticals. There were a few other offers for some semi-legitimate drugs, but I didn’t want to risk taking them to a world with Fugitak’s law level.

I shunted the cargo I had just bought to a warehouse. I’d have to pay some storage fees but it would be ready when the Grayswandir got out of drydock. I then announced our remaining cargo space in case there were any general cargoes heading for Fugitak.

And I just now noticed that Halley has been pinging my comm code for the past hour. Apparently they’re all downtown at some place called “Misjump”. Welll… I don’t want to keep someone waiting….

Out for the day…

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